Lipgloss $20

Choose from 3 amazing base types for your MIXX Lipgloss:

LONG WEAR GLOSS: Made with all natural plant waxes: caranuba & candellia), as well as shea butter and aloe extract. This gloss has a heavier consistency, and wears more like a lipstick.

MIXX OBSESSED GLOSS: This gloss has a rich blend of nut oils (macadamia) which gives this gloss a sheer “patent leather” high shine , and non-sticky finish.

HIGH SHINE SHEER GLOSS: A smooth blend of jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, and pear extract that makes a sheer or full pigmented gloss without stickiness

At MIXX we control the intensity of the pigment along with the thousands of shades we can create.

Why is this important? Many women have a difficult time finding the right gloss because their own lips have its own pigment. A single gloss can look very different on a few different people.

At MIXX we can control and create the extact tone and shade to compliment your personality, skin tone as well as personal style.

Choose from one of our natural gloss types and go wild with the endless possibilities!