What is MIXX Pro?


AT MIXX, we have created a custom blended line where you are in control of the colours you can make to add to your wonderful world of artistry.

Blending and Mixing are inherent in make up artist creativity. We do so with most products we use and often come up with exciting variations on already popular colours and shades. What if you could make a profit from what you do everyday, in addition to rates you earn as a Make Up Artist?

With MIXX your earning potential is endless! MIXX is a cosmetic line FOR YOU, BY YOU.

Time after time, clients and models would inquire about which products they used in their application and where they could buy them. Over and over, they sent these clients to make up companies and thought, why shouldn’t they be the ones who benefit from the promotion of these products – with that thought came MIXX.

MIXX is a custom blended line of cosmetics where you create personal tones and shades of foundations, concealers, bronzers, eye shimmers, lipgloss & cheek tints.

You are provided with MIXX packaging where you fill the products and sell them to your clients – FOR YOU, BY YOU.

We offer these products to you at wholesale prices and you in turn sell them at a predetermined retail price.

MIXX products are available to Certified Make Up Artists or Artists who can show they have been working in the Industry.

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